Why Rid Ourselves of Donald Trump? Because, Hopefully,  We Can

Patrick Buchanan and other Trump supporters have argued that there is no “there there” in the relentless exhumation  of Trump’s relationship to Putin and other Russians. That may be so, but then the Republicans who set out to impeach Clinton probably didn’t care about the travails of Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones. After all, these same people are now supporting a man who has had five children with three wives and has bragged about his many affairs.  Illegal and immoral do not always match up. 

Those familiar with Trump the businessman understand “Russiagate.” For an article blaming New York for Trump, SEE. Trump’s business practices were shoddy. He used prolonged litigation as a weapon and his businesses have abused bankruptcy laws to avoid paying loans. These actions may not have been against the law, but they did result in a paucity of bankers willing to do business with Mr. Trump. 

The Panama Papers exposed the large number of Chinese, Russian and other leaders anxious to get money out of their own countries. That some of this money made its way to sleazy business people like Donald Trump is not shocking and may or may not effect Trump’s foreign policy, to the extent that he has any.

So why are so many people, myself included, anxious to see Trump out of office? Probably because Trump the businessman has become Trump the president.

Trump campaigned through the distressed regions of our country promising a return to ‘greatness’ and by that he meant jobs. It minimizes the point to say merely that he is hurting the ones who supported him. He has been worse than that. Like the reality star that he is, he promised the crowd what he thought they wanted to hear and he gauged emotions pretty well.

But Trump, who promised to fix the Obamacare not only did not have a plan to help lower premiums or deductibles, he seems to have had no plan at all. On the campaign trail he made the excellent point that by having each state participate in Obamacare separately (surely a concession forced on Obama) there are egregious disparities in healthcare coverage among states.

That was Trump saying what the crowd wanted to hear. The fact that it was a good point is purely coincidental. Once in office, Trump merely supported the existing Republican plan which allowed insurance sales across state lines but so loosened the regulations that, if passed, will cover fewer people and make health care even more expensive. 

Trump’s odd behavior in the Middle East provides yet another example of his lack of policy. The American embassy should move to Jerusalem as a first step for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians? Even the politically aggressive Israelis haven’t felt assured by his pro Israel stance. And with good reason. They understand that it is based purely in whatever moment he is in. Qatar is a terrorist breeding ground? Saudi Arabia is not?

One could play an endless game of guess what Trump’s politics are, but it returns to Trump the businessman, the disciple of Roy Cohn. Attack, litigate, divert and in the meantime, take what you want.

Here’s what Trump seems to want. Money, golf, money and adulation. He has had great success with the first three. Scratch any action of the Trump administration and he, and/or his family is benefitting financially. Saudi Arms sales, hotel stays, Maro Lago meetings, pipelines, Fannie Mae, etc. The Atlantic has made a valiant effort to keep up with Trump’s ‘conflicts of interest.’

America can probably survive Trump’s greed. Trump’s seeming lack of anything approaching a foreign or domestic policy is something else.

Promised jobs emerge in New Jersey only to import Russian steel. 

Trump uses the death of babies caused by a  somewhat mysterious use of poison gas to drop a bomb on a runway. And by the way, is the United States supporting Assad or al Quada in Syria? 

We bomb Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and babies don’t die?

Trump not only did not make America great again, he has betrayed our country. It’s a complicated world out there, even our best and brightest find the need to specialize to develop something like an understanding of our place in the world and where our best interests lie. 

Like it or not, we rely upon the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the military to keep us safe. Mr. Trump has repeatedly criticized our intelligence community, not so much for its work but for its treatment of him personally. For instance, Trump fired Comey as director of the FBI for not agreeing to go  easy on Trump’s cohort, Flynn. Trump then disparaged the FBI with no specific complaint. Honest criticism is fair game and protected by the first amendment, but Trump is president, our security apparatus reports to him.  

And as Comey, former US Attorney Preet Bharara, and special counsel  Mueller and others are making clear, they will not report to a man who they fear will lie about what is said, and whom they clearly don’t respect. Mueller is assembling a team of incredibly smart and experienced patriots.  Trump appears to be almost deliberately providing  new impeachment material in his daily tweets. (Why claim that there exist tapes of his talk with Comey?  Does anyone doubt that such tapes would favor Comey?). 

I look forward to Trump’s impeachment, I’d like to believe that we can select a better leader next time around.